Great Bookkeeping, and How to Recognise It

Whether you’re at a point where you’re re-evaluating your current bookkeeping situation, or you’re newly set up and need to find one, you need to know what to look for. Knowing the characteristics to look for in a bookkeeper will mean you attain a strong and quality partnership on your next hire.

In this blog we talk about five key qualities to look for in a bookkeeper.

Excellent communication skills

An imperative. You’re hiring a bookkeeper so that you don’t have to muddle through a DIY job, but you’ll need a good understanding of what’s going on in your business. Look for a bookkeeper who can explain complex ideas without the jargon, keeping you informed and providing transparency. Having a bookkeeper that doesn’t explain things to you means your conversations will often be unproductive, and could lead to mistakes.

Adept at accounting software and new technologies

If you’ve found a bookkeeper who utilizes the latest business software, such as Xero or Brightpay, you’re in luck. This is a strong indication that they’re committed to being efficient. Look for a bookkeeper who has sound knowledge of software which can streamline your business for invoicing, payroll, and other functions.


At Your Girl Friday, we consider this to be a key ingredient of our services. Transparency is key, so look for a bookkeeper who will be honest and clear with you about things that aren’t working, and the like. Consider it a red flag if your bookkeeper doesn’t keep you informed about billing, if they’re unresponsive, or if you are wondering whether you even need them.

Flexibility to adapt to different working styles

Perhaps you only prefer to communicate via email. Maybe you’ve got a CPA but still need a bookkeeper for day-to-day operations. Whatever your situation might be, finding a bookkeeper who’s willing to be flexible with your working and communication style can make for a dynamic business partnership.

Relationship building skills

It doesn’t have to be difficult to find a bookkeeper. But when the time comes, you’ll probably want to stick with them. Look for someone with great people skills – a good bookkeeper will understand the importance of your business relationship and will strive to meet expectations.

Emma at Your Girl Friday offers a personalised service to clients. Whilst we have a range of packages available, we strongly recommend having a no obligation consultation with us so we can get to know your business needs and how we can find a solution.

If you’re looking for a new bookkeeper of high quality, and would like to chat with Emma, please email her or use the contact form.

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