Why Hubdoc is your best asset as a Xero user!

Hubdoc is a dynamic tool integrated into your Xero subscription. It captures data and creates the necessary transactions in Xero, all with the click of a button.

Why should you use Hubdoc?

Hubdoc allows you to capture your purchase invoices & receipts in Xero, taking away the amount of time you’d usually spend manually entering invoices.

How you make it work for you!

It is as easy as ‘drag & drop’, upload from a desktop, capture a photo by using your mobile phone app or emailing it into your Hubdoc email address.

The is also a cool feature on Hubdoc to ‘fetch’ invoices from online suppliers such as Screwfix, BT, Vodafone, Stripe, Square and many more.  Once connected to the supplier the invoices will automatically be updated to Hubdoc.

You will be required to do an initial set up with each supplier where you will need to code the supplier to where you would like the costs to go into Xero.  Once the initial set up is done all future invoices will be coded (these can be edited to suit your business purchase) and you are ready to publish.  Once these are published they are exported to Xero as a draft or approved invoice, this depends on how you chose to set up, there is an ‘auto sync’ function in the configuration settings, it will also attach the copy of the invoice/receipt to Xero.  No more paper copies in files!!!

How you access Hubdoc

Once you have logged into Xero and in the ‘dashboard’ screen, go to the drop down menu under your company name.  Click on Hubdoc, if this does not automatically direct you to the log in screen you are required to tick a box to agree to their T&C’s then click ‘set up Hubdoc’.  To log in keep it simple, you can use the same password details as Xero.

Here is a link of a short video https://www.hubdoc.com/

If you would like some help in setting Hubdoc up, drop us a message hello@yourgirlfridayva.co.uk

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